About Streatham

Where is Streatham?

London, England, UK.

Streatham is situated in the South London borough of Lambeth spanning SW16 and SW2.

Local community

Streatham has a population of around 55,000 people. It’s one of the most multi-cultural areas in the country, with a wide mix of African, Caribbean, European, Asian and South American residents, and a broad range of restaurants to match. Streatham also has one of the youngest populations in the country; the median age is just 31.

The area has a very active local community, responsible for a number of popular events including the Streatham Festival, Kite Day, Little Big Peace Event, Lane & Vale Carnival and, of course, the Streatham Food Festival.

Streatham’s claims to fame:

• Streatham has been home to a number of celebrities including Naomi Campbell, Eddie Izzard and John Galliano. Current local celebs include Homeland’s David Harewood and TV presenter Sarah Beeny.

• Streatham allegedly has the longest high road in Europe. It certainly has plenty of great cafes and restaurants to choose from along that long stretch of road.

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Overland stations:

• Streatham Common (it is actually situated about a mile away from the Common)

• Streatham (situated near the middle of the High Rd)

• Streatham Hill (located nearer to the top of the High Rd, in the direction of Brixton)

50, 57, 109, 118, 159, 249, 133, 250, 333 all go along the High Road until late.

The History of Streatham

The following sites offer interesting insights into Streatham’s history:

Streatham Society